Zack Hirsekorn - Head Coach

I have been an avid cyclist for over 25 years.  I began riding in Annadel as a young kid and was forever hooked to a life on 2 wheels.  I race in the MTB and gravel disciplines at the elite amateur level around California and nationally.  I work professionally as a coach and personal trainer and manage operations at a local gym.  I bring real race experience and a strong background in health and fitness to help student athletes build strong bodies and minds and aim to teach a love and respect for the outdoors along the way.  I wish, above all, for members of the A Team to build confidence and belief in themselves and foster courage and mental strength through the amazing sport of  mountain biking.

Travers Ebling - Jr Devo Head Coach

Todd Smith - Asst Head Coach

I have been an active cyclist since I was a kid!  I raced BMX and was nationally ranked in my age-group three (3) years in a row.  We “practiced” by riding the local trails at the local State Park.  Once I landed in Sonoma County, my passion for trail riding and mountain biking was re-ignited riding Annadel!  Although all our kids are out on their own, I got involved with the Oakland Composite team ~4 years ago as a way to contribute locally and to share my enthusiasm for the sport.  My wife and I recently moved back to Santa Rosa and I quickly got engaged with the Annadel Composite team.  My objective as a coach is to help get #morekidsonbikes and to create a lifelong enjoyment of mountain biking.  To that end, I enjoy working with beginner and intermediate riders to help improve their trail skills and their confidence on the bike.

Steve Curtis - Asst Head Coach

Cycling has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve been an avid recreational mountain biker since the mid 90’s and I’ve enjoyed ‘casual racing’ for years. Mountain biking is my ‘main jam’, but I love other cycling disciplines too. I ride road and gravel, gravity and single speed, I even ride to work and the grocery store! I’ve always loved to share my love of cycling with others and the A-Team is a great opportunity to spread this joy to families in our community. I’ve been involved with the Annadel Composite since 2021 when my 6th grader joined the Jr. Devo Team. I love seeing the student athletes challenge themselves to improve and progress, all while having fun with friends and being active outdoors. Coaching with this group is a huge privilege to me and I’m looking forward to many years involvement with this awesome team.

Eric Wildt - Level 3 Coach

I’m a mountain bike fanatic that absolutely can’t get enough downhill and vista climbs. I joined the A-Team in 2021 when one of my riding buddies (and son!) qualified for the team as a 6th grade Jr Devo rider. We both fell in love with the camaraderie, energy, and athleticism that defines the Annadel Composite team and it’s been such an honor to help represent this exceptional group of student athletes, coaches, managers, and supportive family members. My personal coaching philosophy is that I truly am beyond stoked that you’re here with us and I want to be a positive influence for you on your two-wheeled journey. I live to see people smiling on bikes, pushing themselves up a climb, finding confidence in their speed and abilities, and coming away from a group ride or race with a new friend and teammate. When I say “A” you say “TEAM!!!"

Ana Pimsler - Level 2 Coach

I have been a coach with the A-Team for about 6 years. I have been riding mountain bikes and casually racing for about 10 years. In the last few years I have fallen in love with bikepacking, and all of the challenges and rewards it has to offer. I am a high school math teacher at Roseland Collegiate Prep, and hope to help make mountain biking accessible to any student who shows an interest in the sport. I love being a coach to new riders, and watching their faces light up when they finally ride an obstacle or clean a climb that they thought was impossible. I equally love watching the dedication of our seasoned athletes setting goals, learning how to train, and watching their hard work lead to success on the race course. Mountain biking is all about meeting those personal goals, whatever they may be, and that’s what makes cycling a sport enjoyable for everybody!

Dave Komar - Level 2 Coach

As a kid I was super fortunate to grow up living in Jack London State Park, having a father who worked for the park service.  So instead of riding bikes around the neighborhood, I was pedaling on dirt from a young age, exploring the trails and natural beauty of Sonoma Mountain on a dusty old Schwinn.  Needless to say, mountain biking never left my life.  I never stopped riding for fun, and have dabbled in the local race scene over the years as well.  Now it’s come full circle.  I get to coach my daughter and all the other A-Team rippers, and the joy I remember from mountain biking in my youth I now get to see on their faces at each group ride and race!  When I’m not on the MTB, I can usually be found trail running with our Rhodesian Ridgeback, fly-fishing, or spending time with my wife and young son (future A-Teamer!).

Jan Lau - Level 2 Coach

I've been riding for too many years to count.  I started my cycling career as a road rider and converted to a mountain bike rider when I moved to Sonoma County.  I now enjoy mountain bike riding as well as gravel riding.  I've been involved with the A-Team for approximately 5 years.  It's been a rewarding experience working with student athletes.  I'm continuously  impressed by how much the student athletes improve year after year.

Kelsey Cummings - Level 2 Coach

I rediscovered my love of mountain biking six years ago as a way to spend more time with my children out in nature.  Since then we’ve gone whole hog, riding gravel, road and single track as much as possible. I’ve been coaching for the A-Team for the last 4 years and it’s a blast to support these youth athletes develop positive relationships with their own bodies and minds.  There’s nothing like the supportive stoke of the mountain bike community at large, and I’m happy to be part of sharing that with the next generation of cyclists.

Kenneth Clark - Level 2 Coach

Originally from Scotland, I started mountain biking at 16 and joined a local MTB cycling team (Dunedin CC) at 18. I was a bike commuter for 20 years and have raced all over Scotland.  Since moving to California 13 years ago, I finally ditched commuting to work in 2016 and now focus on MTB riding in Annadel.  This is my third year as an A-Team coach and second as a level 2. I have two kids on the team this year, with two more excited to join as soon as they are allowed.

Larissa Conners - Level 2 Coach

I am a high school math teacher who discovered mountain bike racing while teaching in Orange County. What began as a fun competitive outlet led to a full time professional XCO bike racing career and racing all over the world. After making the Olympic long team in 2016 and winning the USCup XCO overall that same year, I pivoted to racing ultra endurance mountain bike and gravel events. This led to two Leadville 100mtb titles and the overall NUE series title in 2018. At the end of that season I biked a little too hard in Costa Rica at La Ruta and a serious Rhabdomyolysis incident ended my racing career. Now I am back to teaching math at Montgomery High School and chasing A-Team shredders around Annadel.

Thomas Dodsworth - Level 2 Coach

I have been an avid mountain rambler and cyclist for 25+ years, and love sharing the stoke of pedaling with those around me.  I joined the A-Team in 2021 when my eldest child (Borne Dodsworth) began racing with the Jr Devo group.  It has been an honor to work with the amazing coaches and volunteers and parents that make the A-Team happen, and most of all to work with the kids!  I'm really excited to see how these Jr Devo and HS athletes develop over this next year!  When I'm not coaching or bikepacking I'm often at work at UCSF in the Emergency Department as a Nurse Practitioner, or chilling in the hammock with the kids reading books.

Tim Helms - Level 2 Coach

I grew up in Poway, located in North Inland San Diego.  Although I grew up a water child with quick access to the beach, I started cycling early with BMX racing and riding all the trails and jump tracks around town on my BMX.  With two brothers, we did all the sports (baseball, soccer, running, wrestling, golf, surfing, fishing) eventually focusing on distance running by high school. During my senior year, we placed second at the CA state Cross Country Championships.  In 2000, I went on to compete for the UC Davis Aggies in both cross country and track.  In my third year, I competed at the Collegiate Track National Championships, placing 4th in the 3000m steeplechase. This earned me All American honors.  Post-collegiately, I focused on off-road triathlon, MTB XC racing and a few road cycling races!  Since having children, the racing continues, but much less often.  I have coached baseball, soccer, and started coaching with A-team in 2021. Coaching MTB to this age group is so rewarding and fun!  The kids are sponges, and I love to watch the progress of each athlete at all skill levels.  A-team!!!