Volunteering with the A-Team

Volunteering at Races
We need you to volunteer at the races! Even if you are new to the team, and have never been to a race, there is a job for you. Your contribution is highly valued! We have volunteer needs for our own pit zone as well as filling volunteer positions for the League so that the races can happen.  Our pit zone is the hub of the A-Team at each race, and it’s where all the racers, parents and coaches are on race day. We provide food for the entire A-Team extended family for the whole race day. We provide bike racks, warm-up trainers, recovery drinks, covered seating area and mechanical assistance for the racers. We make sure the racers have fresh bottles of hydration for every lap of each of their races. We do almost all of it with volunteer parent labor. Running the pit zone is a group effort that requires major help from parents.

Below are the general job positions that need to be filled by parent volunteers in order to run a team of this size and quality.

Food Table Management These volunteers help prep food and make sure everything stays supplied during the meals and clean up afterwards. Shifts are generally a couple hours long.

Grill Masters The Grill Masters grill up whatever yumminess is on the menu.

Pit Zone Waste Management
This volunteer sets up and monitors the recycling, garbage and composting and makes sure it gets to where it needs to go at the end of the day.

Feed Zone The Feed Zone is the area on the race course where individual riders get their water bottles handed to them during the race. Two volunteers work together for this task. One volunteer alerts the other that an A-Team rider is coming, while the other hands off the bottle to the rider.

Bike Trainer Set-up Trainers need to be unloaded from the trailers and set up in the Pit Zone.

Team Photographers All parents and family are invited to take pictures and upload to our Stack Team App.

There may be other times throughout the season that we need an extra hand such as checking in the athletes at the skills clinics and the end of the season